Valentine Surprises For Couples

Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples. This day celebrates love and passion for your partner and hence spending quality time together is the most important. You might not be together physically, however continuing the love is what is important. So here are a few things you could do for each other to make this day memorable.

  • A dinner date
    Take your partner to his or her favourite restaurant or café for a romantic dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive Italian restaurants Canberra. A simple meal with quality alone time would be more than perfect. You could make it special by adding flowers, gifts, live romantic music and dance etc. You need to plan it out carefully with reservations in advance to avoid any disappointments. Make it a surprise for him or her.
  • Take the day off
    The whole point of Valentines is that you two spend time together and have fun. So, take the day off. Some of your workplaces might not allow it and hence you can take off on 15th or any close date. Stay back home, relax and enjoy each other’s company. You could spend the entire day in bed if you like, or watch a TV serial together. Order food home or prepare meals together. We all know how romantic kitchens could get so take it away. Get creative and have fun.
  • Treasure hunt
    Treasure hunts are exciting. Set a trail giving clues that will help theme remember the good times you’ve had together. Leave clues at places you guys loved to hang out at. You could also set up gifts at each stop such as chocolates, flowers, a soft toy, card etc. The treasure hunt could finally lead to a bigger Valentines surprise such a romantic dinner at restaurants in Kingston Canberra, a picnic table set up at the park or anything that would bring joy.
  • Bring the movies home
    Nothing trumps a cozy movie date at home on such a special day. If you’ve been busy all along, then spending time together at home maybe the best option rather than standing in long queues at the theatre, adding to your frustration. Rent a few rom-com DVDs, or well if you enjoy Mission Impossible rather, that is fine too. As long as it is a movie you both love, you’d enjoy each other’s company, snuggling up in bed or a couch. It is of course much more comfortable than the seats at the theatre. You could make your own popcorn and drinks and simply cuddle up under the blanket to enjoy an evening of love, romance and most definitely laughter.